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P1 Content Magnet Review

This software is a wordpress plugin designed to allow you to adjust your website to make the most of the keywords that google recognises as being your website keywords. This is often different from what you think your keywords are. This is very important.

The software links up with your google webmaster account and analyses your site keywords and also ranking data and displays in a format that makes it very easy to make modifications.

We have obtained a copy of the software for our review and used it on one of our websites to check the claims. So, on to our findings below:

1. We found the software to be very easy to set up as there is a member area with full training videos, not only to set up the software but how to use it to get the best results.

Main Settings Video

Main Settings Video

2. The site we analysed with it produced some surprising results. As mentioned above we found that google had a different idea of our keywords so we had been optimising the site for the wrong keywords, or if we wanted to use our keywords to rank for we needed to make adjustments to the content so that google would recognise those keywords as being relevant to our website. Although technically this information is available in google webmasters this tool makes it so much easier to find and also to make the right adjustments.

3. Included in the software is a ranking tool that checks not only your primary keyword but also your secondary keywords and makes it easy to see if any adjustments you make affect the rankings of your keywords.

SEO section

SEO section

4. The software clearly displays the order of keywords that google sees and the order of keywords that you are trying to target. By adjusting the number of times a particular word appears in the post you can make adjustments to match so that when google analyses your site post it will see the keywords and keyword phrases that you are trying to target.

5. Summary

We know of no software anywhere like this. Anything that makes your website more google friendly has to be a winner with SEO. This will have a significant effect on your keyword rankings. There will be some work involved to go through your site page by page and post by post but let’s face it you can outsource this task if you need to, Once you have done this you will find your keyword rankings will climb.

Definitely a recommended piece of software for anyone who builds wordpress websites.

If you’re interested to try the software yourself you can find it here at a big discount:

P1 Content Magnet

John Smith

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