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Do you suffer from not enough time to get everything done in your business? Many people now employ virtual assistants to help. This can be very cost effective as there are excellent people round the world who can assist you in many different parts of your business and often at a far reduced cost than if you had to hire someone locally for these tasks.

However this works best if you have a proper training structure in place with video training. We here at SEO Consultant Secrets have recently come across some excellent comprehensive training for virtual assistants to help out with many aspects of website building, structure and ranking. So we thought we would offer this at a huge discount to our customers.

Although virtual assistants will be skilled in what they do already, that is after all part of their appeal, it is still necessary to guide them in what you want them to do. That is where virtual assistant training software can help. It is set up on a website so that virtual assistants can log in whenever they need to and access videos as necessary. Having access to good virtual assistant training software without having to produce it yourself is therefore very useful, especially for small business owners who do not have someone else to do this.

Many businesses especially in the online business world are now outsourcing work to virtual assistants who can reside anywhere in the world.

The virtual assistant training training software below that we have started using ourselves has been very helpful training assistants to help with website building and social media.

It is available for the time being at a huge over 95% discount so if you’re at all thinking about using virtual assistants it will be difficult to find better or lower cost software. Definitely worth a look:

You can see details below:


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