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Media Authority

Media Authority:  What do you gain by being cited on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX?

If you or your company is online with a website or social media presence or both, then if you are viewed as being an expert in your field or market and having authority then visitors or customers viewing your website are more likely to view you as the authority and choose you for their custom.

Now being cited by major media outlets such as NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX wilmake a huge difference to how you are viewed. Other media outlets will also be more interested in you when they see the logos on your website profile or social media pages which could get interest from local media in your area, particularly useful for small businesses.

Until recently it has been very difficult to get cited by major media without spending thousands of dollars.

However we are now in the position, through our contacts, of being able to get a guaranteed quote from you placed in these major media.

You will then be able to add the logos of the major media to your profile picture, or to a similar size (500x 500 pixel) image of your company logo for example if it is the company name cited rather than your own. Look at the example below:

Media Citations

Media Citations

You will receive the citations to keep as proof, and your logo will be updated by us to include the media logos. You will then be able to display this logo on any of your (or your company) related websites, social media pages, business cards, etc. Think about the difference in the way you will be viewed. There are not many people who are not interested in seeing that someone or company has been quoted in the major media. They will view you as an expert.

Watch the video below from Greig Wells, our business partner in this and the founder of this service, then read the rest and decide if it is right for you and your business at this time:


Regardless of whether your online presence is used for sales or just as information for your customers, this will produce a big gain in your authority and the potential to see a boost to your business. You don’t even have to have a company. You could be an author and have a quote about a new book, or you might be a professional such as a lawyer or doctor. It will be of enormous benefit. Just think if a potential customer views two similar websites and one carries media citations. Which one do you think they will be most interested in?

You can view my own logo below. I chose not to use a photo but a logo instead. You can use your photo, a logo created like mine or maybe a company image if the quote is on behalf of your company.

John Smith Logo

John Smith

Remember, we guarantee you will get the citations. We have positioned ourselves to be able to reliably obtain these through our own links and authority. Additionally you will never lose the ability to display these citations.

See these quotes below:

“This is how I then went on to get featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, TV, Radio, Magazines , become a Speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences, and get a best selling book deal with Jack Canfield! All because I paid to play and got these media citations.

– Greig Wells
Author, Speaker

Greig Wells Media Authority Logo

Greig Wells Media Authority Logo

Media authority is something every business and professional should have.
It helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiates yourself as an expert in your field”.

Frank Kern
Internet Marketing Expert

What we provide for you?

 You will receive links to your quote on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox websites, together with screenshots sent to you to keep as proof of being able to use the citations.

After you provide us a 500 x 500 pixel logo (photo, logo etc) we will get the media logos and text added to this picture and send back to you to display where you want to. You should receive these in 10 working days.

After being cited, you will be able to use “As seen on” in conjunction with the network logos on all of your marketing materials.

If you would like to gain an advantage over your competitors and help attract more customers or interest in you or your business then this is the best opportunity.

Consider this a great investment in you or your business, and a low investment at that.

Please note this is going to be an investment that can pay for itself many times over if you already have traffic, leads and sales at your website. In other words it will gain an advantage over competitors for an existing business. Success will be measured by being able to attract more visitors. However if you are a new business, while there is nothing wrong in positioning yourself as an authority early on, you should understand that you are unlikely to see a financial gain through this until your business is more established.


ONLY $ 799

After ordering you will be taken to a thank you page to enter the information we need to process the media authority application. Once we have all the information we need you should receive your citations and modified photo/logo within 10 business days.

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