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We study the latest search engine optimisation techniques and latest thinking by the search engines and post new information in the form of posts or updated pages.

For new website owners SEO is a mystery and we will try to explain some of the thinking behind the latest SEO techniques and guidelines.

Making your website friendly to the search engines, in other words structuring your site so that relevant pages and articles can be found by the search engine crawls for searched for terms will only enhance your website. The aim of search engine companies to give web visitors what they are looking for, namely relevant information to the searched for keyword or phrase. Therefore in order to rank highly in search engines your website must produce relevant information. This is not necessarily easy, your site needs to be structured properly, have good original content and formatted in such a way that the search engines can find what they are looking for. This is nicknamed white hat (or good) SEO.

We will be doing detailed studies on software and techniques that can improve your website rankings. These studies will be carried out on our own websites and then detailed in a blog post for you to see. So make sure you keep an eye on new posts.

You can find us on various social media, just click on the links on the website or below this message.

If any of you have or are trying to start a home business or an online business or involved with internet marketing then check out my website here which can help you with that.

Finally if you already have a website with traffic and leads and are looking to improve conversions or sales, you might be interested in improving your authority in your field or market. This page will show you how to get a citation in the major US media which you can then display on your site or Linkedin profile. It’s a way of improving your online brand image which is a vital part of SEO these days.

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